Say Less Privacy Policy

Last updated: August 07, 2020


Say Less is a tool provided by Model Zoo that summarizes any body of text using a machine learning algorithm. It is currently available for use via a chrome extension.

We recognize that Say Less is designed to operate on sensitive data (emails), and are committed to protecting the personal privacy of the persons using this tool.

What personal information does Say Less use?

When a summary is requested by a user, the requested text body is sent to a backend server for processing via HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure), a secure communication protocol. The server applies the summarization algorithm and returns the resulting summary back to the user client over HTTPS. The server then immediately deletes the request and response data from it's memory. The server will not store nor log the original text data nor the resulting summaries. Due to this privacy-first design, our team will never be able to view or use any of the original or summary text data for any purposes.

Say Less does not transmit any data to the backend server until a summary is explicitly requested by a user. It does not use any data except for the text requested for summarization.

What personal information does Say Less store or share?

Say Less does not store nor share the text requested for summarization. After the requested text is processed securely into a summary (described above), the original text and resulting summary are immediately deleted from memory.

Say Less does not use, store, nor share any data apart from the text requested for summarization. Say Less does not require a user to create an account or register any information about themselves.

Third-party Services

Say Less uses the Chrome Storage Sync API for storing a single extension user setting: the type of model that will be used for summarization. This setting is controlled via an extension popup window. There are three options of models to use. If a user does not explicitly choose a model option, a default one will be used.

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If you have any questions about this privacy policy or how we process sensitive data, please do not hesitate to contact us.