Model Zoo

Low-code model deployment

Deploy your model to an HTTP endpoint with a single line of code.

Paul Lowe, PharmAssess

"With Model Zoo, we were able to deploy our scikit-learn model in minutes instead of days and save over 90% on infrastructure costs compared to SageMaker."

Read more in our case study.

Monitor, manage, and update your models with ease

Deploying the initial machine learning model is only part of the challenge -- maintaining it can be just as hard. Model Zoo gives you the tools to diagnose, improve, and seamlessly update your model endpoints.

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Custom-tailored solutions

Need a more customized solution for your private cloud, on-premises, or tailored to your use-case? Model Zoo also offers end-to-end services to help you bring your model to production. We're based in San Francisco, with experience developing models for the biotechnology, advertising, self-driving, and financial sectors.

Yoav Zimmerman

Founder, CEO

  • End-to-end machine learning model development
    • Natural Language Processing
    • Information Extraction
    • Image Classification
    • Object Detection
  • Machine learning infrastructure
    • Distributed training
    • Hyperparameter tuning
    • Model deployment performance optimization
    • CI / CD for machine learning